Sunday, April 29, 2007

2007 NFL Draft - The Ultimate Live-Blog: Day 2

8:35AM (Monday) - Nice time to lose web access for over a day. Blame ComCast for their shoddy service. So glad to be dumping them in a week when I move. At least I got to watch the Sox/Yanks finale. By the way, since I obviously spent a lot of time watching ESPN this weekend, let me put this out there: The SportsCenter commercial with David Ortiz, Jorge Posada, Orestes Destrade and Wally the Green Monster might be the best "This is SportsCenter" ad they've ever run. Just for the acting by Wally, dropping his tapes and running in horror when he sees David Ortiz in the Yankees cap. Classic.

Anyway, this weekend could not have worked any better for me personally, between a round of golf, the NFL Draft and the Pats' acquisition of Randy Moss (if New England is any worse that 3-1 Super Bowl favorites by the end of the week, jump on them now), the Sox taking 2 of 3 from the Yankees, winning the final weekend home poker game at my place, and still having enough time to drive to a friend's house to hang out and watch the WWE Pay-Per-View late Sunday night, it was absolutely perfect. I freely admit this live-blog kind of floundered by Sunday, mostly because I had no way to jump on here until I got to work this morning.

Oh, there were NBA & NHL playoff games this weekend? Must've missed those...

Unless something major happens between now and next Wednesday, I probably won't post again until after I move to Pittsburgh and get a little settled in (think mid to late-May). But if this is the last weekend I get to work with for awhile, it certainly was a good one.

12:25 - OK, so apparantely I missed a lot of big names getting drafted or moved the poast weekend. Here's my quick, mini-breakdown of some of the biggest stuff:

- Cleveland, San Francisco, and Oakland have completely rebuilt their teams. Of that group, the Niners were the most advanced before this weekend, and probably will have the biggest jump in next year's standings. With their offseason, I could easily see 3-4 more wins and a playoff berth.
- Oakland has done a real nice job rebuilding their offense. They actually had a fairly competant defense over the past could of seasons, but their defense was completely inept. Now they have their franchise QB in JaMarcus Russell, a highly regarded tight end in Zach Miller, and absolutely stole Michael Bush at running back in the fourth round. The AFC West is going to be a tough place to play next season. Of course, if they knew they were going to trade Randy Moss all weekend, it might have been nice to grab a wide receiver.
- I have absolutely no idea what the Dolphins were thinking thus far into the weekend. They needed a franchise QB, so they pass on Brady Quinn to take a glorified return man #9 overall. They then take a QB in John Beck in the second round. I know what you're thinking: "Who the hell is John Beck?" My point exactly. If you're going to reach for a QB, at least reach for someone your fan base has heard of - Troy Smith, Drew Stanton, etc. Hell, they could have drafted Chris Leak this weekend and at least appeased their fan base.
- If the Chiefs end up dealing away both Trent Green and Larry Johnson, I will immediately pencil them in for a 4-12 season. Between their collapsing offensive line, and now the possibility of losing a starting QB and the second-best running back in the game... they'd become the '06 Raiders, only with a worse defense. You know what... let's make that a 2-14 season.

That's enough of an update for now. I'm getting settled in for the Sox/Yanks finale in about a half hour, and I'll check in periodically with other draft thoughts.

12:08 - Just woke up... and the Patriots are getting Randy f'ing Moss. That's some good news. I'll be back shortly when I'm a little more coherant and I've had some coffee.

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