Thursday, March 29, 2007

2007 MLB Preview - American League

2007 MLB Season Preview

American League

By far, the dominant league throughout 2006, the American League lost its grip on the World Series trophy in last years’ postseason. Winners of 3 of the last four World Series, and eleven of the previous fifteen Fall Classics, the AL had owned the postseason since 1991. The only National League victories came in 1995 (Braves), 1997 (Marlins), 2001 (D-Backs) and 2003 (Marlins, somehow, again).

Then came 2006. The Detroit Tigers, of all teams, made it to the show and promptly proceeded to embarrass themselves on the game’s biggest stage. Their pitchers either had no grip on the ball, or else were accused of using a foreign substance to get a better grip. And the Cardinals walked away with the World Series.

This year? Well, I can assure you of only one thing. The Tigers will not be the AL’s representative in the World Series this October…

AL West

LA Angels (94-68)

Oakland A’s (90-72)

Texas Rangers (84-78)

Seattle Mariners (76-86)

AL Central

Chicago White Sox (95-67)

Minnesota Twins (91-71)

Detroit Tigers (90-72)

Cleveland Indians (88-74)

Kansas City Royals (71-91)

AL East

Boston Red Sox (96-66)

New York Yankees (93-69) *

Toronto Blue Jays (86-76)

Baltimore Orioles (77-85)

Tampa Bay Rays (68-94)

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At 4:30 PM, Blogger Brian in Oxford said...

Okay D, this means the AL goes 70 games over .500 in interleague play, since you've got the entire AL 1199-1069.

(Just to warn you to be consistent with your NL picks tomorrow....)

At 4:32 PM, Blogger Brian in Oxford said...

Also, you are predicting that there are no late-season rainouts that aren't made up, and that every team plays its full schedule.


At 11:47 AM, Blogger Big D said...

I'm not nearly talented enough to predict rainouts and games not replayed this early in the season. Nor do I profess that these records will be 100% accurate - I'll usually settle for within 5 games of the final record and getting the divisions as close to correct as possible.


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