Sunday, October 21, 2007

2007 ALCS Wrap-Up

That's the only way it could have ended. Honestly. Nothing is a more perfect ending for this 2007 Red Sox team. The only way these Red Sox know how to win is slamming into a wall at 100 miles per hour, going full out for an "ohmygodhowthehelldidhedothatIdon'tcarewe'regoingtotheWorldFreakingSeries!" type of play, forcing willing themselves to comeback against any type of odds. Down 3-0 in ’04? No problem. 3-1 in ’07? Pfff… been there, done that.

Listen to the loosest player on the team (if that’s even quantifiable with this group of guys), Manny Ramirez in the post-game interview. They never worried about being behind, all they did was play three one-game series.

I can’t believe I didn’t live-blog this game. Mostly because I was too nervous – in my short life as a Red Sox fan, I’ve dealt with both 1986 & 2003. Now I have ’04 & ’07 under my belt too – maybe I can watch the playoffs without a defibrillator handy in the future.

A couple other notes before I go pass out for the night, in the form of text messages sent and received since Game 6:

From my buddy Ronnie, with Eric Gagne heading into the 9th inning of Game 6 with the Red Sox leading 12-2: “Gee, I’ve never been nervous about a 10-run lead in the 9th before…”

From me to just about everybody in my contacts list towards the end of Game 7: “Dustin Pedroia could murder a school bus full of elementary school kids and kittens in Boston tonight and he’d still get away with it.”

And my buddy Jay’s response: “Ha – I think you just called the Cleveland Indians a bunch of elementary school kids”

Good point by you.

I need sleep. Back tomorrow or Tuesday.


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