Sunday, September 14, 2008

Week 2 Recap

Let me begin this edition of the quick thoughts by linking to a comment I made over on Sparty & Friends immediately following the end of the Chargers/Broncos game. I’m still too pissed off to retype the whole thing, but you’ll get the idea.

God I can’t believe how badly the refs blew the end of that game. Not to mention the blown fumble call earlier in the game, when the replay machine conveniently wasn’t working to overturn the call. I can’t even begin to describe how much I hate the Chargers (actually, I’ve done that before), but I have always hated the Broncos more. This just adds to it.

Other thoughts:

n Wow Seattle is bad. The Cardinals are the team to beat in that division. And they haven’t even played the Rams yet – there’s two more wins guaranteed.

n There’s a chance, albeit slight, that the Titans are the best team in the AFC South. With Kerry Collins as their quarterback. It actually seems weirder to see those words in print than it did to type them.

n Tarvaris Jackson. JaMarcus Russel. Kyle Orton. Chad Pennington. Jason Campbell. David Garrard. Tyler Thigpen (who the hell is Tyler Thigpen?!?). Brian Griese. Matt Ryan. JT O’Sullivan. Just thought I’d list all the NFL quarterbacks that took at least half of their teams’ snaps in Week 2, and that I currently trust less to lead an offense than Matt Cassel. Yes, I know four of them won their games this week. Doesn’t mean I trust them.

n The Jacksonville bandwagon might have gotten a little overfilled and slowed itself to a halt this week. But next week, when two-thirds of them jump off and hop on the Buffalo train, the Jags should start right back up.

n Actually, scratch that. Buffalo is starting the season at least 4-0, maybe 5-0 before they hit the bye week. They’ve got Oakland, St. Louis and Arizona coming up. Yikes. Jacksonville gets to follow up their horrible start with Indy, Pittsburgh & Denver (plus a bye week). Good God.

n Is it possible that Eli is the better Manning at QB right now? I’m just sayin… The Giants have had two pretty solid wins, while the Colts have a loss to the Bears (not looking too terrible) and a bad come-from-behind win against a very bad Minnesota team.

n The Packers are really, really good. Aaron Rodgers stepped in and hasn’t missed a beat. If they don’t win 12-13, I’ll be very surprised.

n Looks like the Pats aren’t going to face a real challenge until Week Six at San Diego. Of course, that begins an eight week stretch of games versus SD, Denver, Indy, Buffalo, the Jets and Pittsburgh. At least the October 26th game against the Rams provides a virtual bye week. The game in Miami on 11/23 ain’t too bad either.

Alright, I’m out of steam here. And still pissed at Ed Hoculi. I’m going to bed.


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