Saturday, July 24, 2004

I decided to keep a running journal during today's Game 2 of this weekend's Sox/Yanks series. Man, did I pick a good day or what?

Fox is showing me the Cubs and Phillies while I wait for the Sox/Yanks series. Oh the anticipation...

Carlos Zambrano has to be the best #3 in the game right now. Or is he a #4? Or #5? The Cubs staff is sick, literally and figuratively.

Seems the Sox told the umpires that the field was unplayable. The umps then told the Yankees, who showered and got ready to leave the field for the day. Then Boston decided the field was playable. Ahh, I love these psychological games...

Bronson Arroyo looks a little shaky, but I don't trust Tanyon Sturtze. I still remember him in a Devil Rays uniform.

Fox is shameless in how it rips off other popular reality shows or reality show ideas. So far I've seen commercials for something about a Malibu condo - rip-off of ABC's Extreme Home Makeover, The Benefactor - rip-off of NBC's The Apprentice, and now Trading Spouses - rip-off of ABC's Wife Swap. And yes, I realize I watch waaaaaaaaaaay too much TV.

HOLY HELL! That was the best fight since ALCS game 3! Oh, this is about to get good! Anytime your starting pitcher has a gash the size of his little finger on his head, that's a bad sign. Luckily, it was the Yankees' starter.

HOW DOES TANYON STURTZE NOT GET EJECTED?!? He practically tore Gabe Kapler's head off! On that same note, David Ortiz should have stayed away from this one. He's looking at 5 games already, and getting into a fight (and throwing TWO guys to the ground) isn't going to help his appeal.

Could someone tell me how the HELL Tim McCarver is a professional announcer, or anything higher up on the job scale than a professional dumbass?

Maybe Juan Padilla wasn't the Yankees' best option in this situation. At least we got to hear Joe Buck tell us that Tanyon Sturtze has left because of a "bruised baby finger". C'mon, I thought the Yankees were the team that played through the pain? Wuss.

Only the Red Sox could consistently find a way to load the bases with no outs, and not score - WITHOUT striking out...

Curtis Leskanic is pitching, poorly, against New York in a big game. What - were Bob Stanley and Calvin Schraldi unavailable?

My ears are bleeding. I guess that means Tim McCarver is still attempting to announce.

New York – 9, Boston – 8, Top 7. No home runs combined. Only these two teams could pull that off.

I literally hit enter on that last line one second before Sierra hit a homerun. Way to blow my theory.

Tim, NOBODY cares about freaking Cole Porter in this game!

Honestly, who didn't see that Malaska error coming from a mile away?

Go back up 7 entries... Now this... Only the Red Sox could allow the bases loaded with no hits, and no walks...

And a balk... Now we've had everything.

Who is the HELL is Scott Proctor? And why haven't we heard of him before if he can throw gasssss like this? Seriously, I haven't seen a fastball below 93 yet...

Apparently Dave Wallace and Alan Embree have a little something going on the side...

4 errors through 7 innings. Yeah, that's about right for today.

Oh good. Mendoza is pitching. Maybe he'll tip his pitches to his old buddies...

Tim McCarver actually just cracked himself up joking about the guy who produces the mud to scuff up new baseballs. I think the announcers are officially running out of material...

Of course, this is coming from the same announcer who, in the 2001 World

Series made the greatest "Oops" sportscaster comment ever. After Tony Womack squared to bunt and got hit in the balls by the pitch, McCarver came out with this gem: "I thought that was a foul, I'm pretty sure I heard it hit wood..."

Man, why can't the Red Sox get defensive guys at first like Tony Clark?

Oh, wait...

Scott Proctor is the new MVP of the Yankees. Hands down.

Rivera's coming in to face Manny in the 9th. Game Over.

I like to pretend that I'm in the park for a game like this. As such, it's time to stand up. I'll be back in a sec...

PULL THE BALL MANNY! Son of a bitch! Even I thought that was gone.

So maybe I was wrong about Mendoza. Nice job. Really earning that $5.5 million...

Is "The Casino" a real thing? It seems a little too staged to be a reality show. Maybe that's just me, I don't know.

Nomar, Trot, Millar in the bottom of the 9th. Real "Murderer's Row" there...

Go Nomie Go! Man, think there's anyone else in baseball playing on such sheer anger?

Rivera has 35 saves with a 0.85 ERA so far this year. You want to know why the Yankees have been so dominant for the last 8 or so years? Start you search with #42.

Stand up again...

DAMNIT! I'm not standing up anymore. Every time I do, a ball gets hit just far enough to piss me off when it lands in the outfielder's glove.

1-RUN GAME! I can’t get excited. Not yet. I won’t allow myself to get pumped until it’s 11-10 Sox. Maybe 10-10…

Did The Sox just pinch-run 38-year old David McCarty for Kevin Millar? What’s the logic there?

NOW I CAN STAND UP! Hallelujah HOLY SHIT! I just scared the bejesus out of my dogs screaming so loudly. I don’t think I’ll see them for about a week. What a freakin’ game! And the best part of it? Watching Jason Varitek sprint out of the dugout to jump on the pile at home plate.

27 hits, 21 runs, 4 errors (all by Boston, stunningly), and this is certainly Boston’s answer to the July 1st debacle in New York.

Check that. The best part? My mom watching the replay and getting pissed off because she though it was an out when a guy in the Sox’ bullpen caught the ball on the fly. Perfect ending to the day. I’m going to go eat dinner… at 8:15PM.


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